The Test Center is available to any PICVISA customer to carry out their own tests

PICVISA’s testing facility, which is 800m2, is an industrial-scale testing lab for the recovering of waste and for recycling. Through this facility, the performances and productions of the PICVISA equipment can be confirmed for a wide range of residues, using the most advanced technology and in real functioning conditions.

The Test Center, located in Calaf (Barcelona, Spain), allows to carry out industrial and municipal waste recycling tests. Such as plastic waste, light packaging, glass waste, end-of-life vehicles, paper and cardboard waste, municipal solid waste including organic waste, compost waste and methanization, as well as construction and demolition waste or industrial slag and incineration.

The testing facility is fully automated, and incorporates cutting-edge technology in artificial and sensorial vision with its own equipment. It has machinery for mechanical treatment and with optical and magnetic sorters. In the Test Center, there is installed one unit of our robot ECOPICK, available for tests with new materials and applications. There are also installed and available to the clients, one ECOPACK 2000DT, one ECOGLASS 1000 and one ECOGLASS 1500.