Top 10 Manufacturing Technology Insights

PICVISA enters the TOP 10 of the prestigious American magazine as one of the 10 best European companies providing solutions based on artificial vision.

Premis UEA Innovació Picvisa Anoia

UEA awards

Innovation Award for our work as a company specialized in the development of artificial vision and robotics solutions in the recycling sector.

I Pro Rec

The objective of the I PRO REC project is to develop a prototype solution based on broad-spectrum artificial intelligence technology for the detection of recyclable urban and industrial waste.


The PLASTICIRCLE project aims to improve different transformation phases of waste into valuable products, including the design of intelligent containers for separate waste collection,...



The WISE project consists of the development and integration of a robotic sorter of plastic packaging waste in a material recovery facility (MRF).



In 2010, PICVISA received support from the National Innovation Company (ENISA), part of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. ENISA is a publicly-owned company that supports viable business projects through a financing alternative that allows diversifying the sources to which to go.

Cupons a la innovació


Since November 2017 until July 2018, PICVISA has jointly developed with the Computer Vision Centre (CVC) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) an artificial intelligence system based on deep learning algorithms for waste sorting and recycling.

Innovative SME


The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitivenes granted PICVISA the stamp of Innovative SME in 2017, valid for three years. That means that the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness recognizes the entity as an accredited innovative company.



In June 2016, PICVISA was awarded a major European grant under the R & D program H2020 for the development of artificial vision solutions for the extraction of glass contained in municipal solid waste.

Technical Certifications & Integrated Management System


PICVISA has an integrated, certified and consolidated management system, based on international quality management standards ISO 9001, on environmental management ISO 14001 and on occupational risk prevention OHSAS 18001. We also have an integrated management system policy.