2015 marks an important change in the recycling map of Spain. This year the tons of recycled glass have an added value for a new recovery process.

PICVISA, with its ECOGLASS optical separation technology, is proud to be able to help improve the recovery numbers of glass, removing material in flows that the landfill normally has as its destination.
“For the last 4 years we have focused on this fraction of material, with processes that allow us to work more contaminated glass flows than selective collections. It is with great satisfaction that we see the results of its implementation ”- Luis Segui - Technical Director of PICVISA.

The innovative projects implemented by PICVISA in Ecoparc de Barcelona, ​​Tir Cantabria and Ecoparc4 already contribute a percentage to be taken into account in the global number of glass recycling in Spain.
It should be noted that this technology is being evaluated in other similar flows in Europe.
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