PICVISA launches the new software platform for optical equipment for recycling, ECOPACK & ECOGLASS. This new software platform is oriented to the evolution of optical equipment to industry 4.0 and process datamining.

The new version provides a lot of visual and operational information. With all this information it is possible to export a large amount of production data useful for the operational management of the equipment and the plant, as well as to predict breakdowns and / or process problems.

The screen is capacitive touch and allows a quick and simple configuration of the equipment, as well as display the programmed parameters and alarms. It has a new functionality that allows the location of the components referenced to the type of alarm to be displayed on an image or plan of the equipment.

Another feature of the new software is the self-diagnosis, which through this new functionality very useful for the user can detect problems, monitor and even prevent possible breakdowns.

The real-time visualization is designed to be able to monitor the material at all times that the equipment is processing, both locally and remotely.

The new version of Ecopack and Ecoglass software is defined in a format that allows access to the devices via Smartphone or Tablets.
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