The companies LIPOR (Porto) and VEOLIA (Portugal) visited the PICVISA facilities on May 23 and 24 and the new PICVISA Test Center. The Picvisa Test Center has been possible thanks to the European H2020 grant, awarded to the company last June. PICVISA facilities have been expanded with a line of tests for waste recovery and classification. In the line you can pass different types of materials such as: plastic mix, selective collection glass, the refining of the RSU compost, incineration slags and others.

The new Center test will allow Picvisa to open new R&D fields and offer its clients the possibility to test their materials and treat each case specifically.-

During the visit the first “official” test was carried out with the Seeglass line. The new unit coupled to the development area of ​​PICVISA in Calaf (Barcelona) allowed to process 24Tn of material with the aim of confirming PICVISA technology in the recovery of glass for recycling.
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