Two years after the start-up of the automated glass recycling plant implemented in Porto Ferreira (SP), Brazil, Vidroporto is pleased to have processed more than 200,000 tons of glass hull for the feeding of its furnaces.

The PICVISA solution, apart from providing a high quality white separation, allowed the customer a production stability with more than 99% UPTIME, for a unit that works 24/7.

“The quality of the output material, as well as the few plant shutdowns and the PICVISA after-sales response allow us to be proud of our choice” - Edson Rossi, president of Vidroporto - “we implemented a new furnace in 2014 and the recycling line we gives material guarantees for our bottle manufacturing ”.

Luis Sousa, Commercial Director of PICVISA adds - “a line such as Vidroporto, with more than 50 components, requires good preventive maintenance to maintain production and quality numbers, and the Vidroporto technical team successfully fulfilled these functions. We are very happy with this first project in Brazil, and even more with the client. ”
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